CLAOR, the Language Centre of the University of Naples "L'Orientale", is the ideal place for those who wish to meet the cultures of the world and prepare to live among its peoples. Multimedia communication, internationalization and intercultural exchange, languages, autonomous language learning - this is CLAOR. Here, in our classrooms and laboratories, you can meet teachers and students from all over the world on the European and extra-European language courses offered to the students of the University and, in the evening, also to outside students. At CLAOR you can sit exams for language certifications. The spacious Self-Access Centre is ideal for those who wish to learn and practice a foreign language autonomously with the guidance of advisors. Multimedia and online interactive courses, as well as feature and documentary films help you to develop your language competence. You can also join our peer-to-peer Tandem exchange project to learn a foreign language while you teach your own.


For distance education, CLAOR has developed the eLearning L’Orientale platform. The courses available include a range of languages as well as general pathways.

CLAOR is a member of the Italian Association of University Language Centres (AICLU) and of the Confédération Européenne des Centres de Langues de l'Enseignement Supérieur (CERCLES) and in 1988 was awarded the European label for the Self-Access project, a prestigious recognition given by the Ministry of Labor/ISFOL/European Board for initiatives that promote the learning of foreign languages. Teacher training is one of CLAOR’s priorities. For teaching English, the Centre has trained and certified primary school teachers and is running a Clil project(Content and Language Integrated Learning), which provides for the teaching of certain secondary school subjects: sciences, maths, physics, history, philosophy and history of art, in one of the four major European languages (English, French, Spanish, German). The "Orientale" University’s language centre has a claim to excellence in the field of Italian as a foreign language.

The Centre organizes Italian language courses open to Erasmus and exchange students of the University and also to external students, who can obtain a CILS or Cert.IT certification. CLAOR has opened its classrooms to immigrants and refugees, some courses being EU-funded (FEI, FAMI).